Saturday December 4, 2021

CHARON Vehicle-Borne Tactics

All greek souls would pay a coin to "Charon" the ferryman of Hades. Pay the ferryman to cross the river Styx in order to get to the underworld, if not, be left to wonder the shores for 100 years. The ferryman's main transport... his boat, the broad-bottom packet.

Come learn how to fight from your main mode of transport. This Tactical Vehicle ops course covers Ballistic Considerations, Firing Into and Out of Windshields, Vehicle Employment as a Weapon, fighting positions inside and outside of the vehicle and much more..

Required items: Handgun, 3 handgun mags, retention holster, 100-150 rounds of ammunition. Students can bring carbine as a backup (optional)

**Lunch included with course**

Location: Providence Forge, VA 0800-1600

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