Saturday October 30, 2021

PHALANX I Team Tactics CQB

Known as one of the most powerful fighting formations to exist, the Greek Phalanx was impenetrable and was a vital tool used by Spartan warriors. This formation counted on warriors standing side by side, shield to shield and fighting as a single unit.

Lock shields with us! At this tactical training course you will learn techniques such as room clearing/entry techniques, team movements, team tactics, active shooter, mindset, fields of fire, and much more. Come join our Phalanx!

*Required Items: Eye and Ear Protection| Semi Auto-Handgun | 3 Handgun Mags Retention Holster | 50 Rounds Handgun | Rifle with sling | 3 Rifle mags | 150 rounds rifle

*Lunch included

Location: Providence Forge, VA 0800-1600

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